primary care

Introudution to Direct Patient Care

By enrolling in a Direct Primary Care (DPC) Plan, patients pay a low monthly fee for convenient access to a comprehensive range of primary care services and an enhanced patient experience. With a DPC Plan, patients have more individualized attention and time with their provider, allowing for open communication and quick access to specialist care. Services covered under the DPC Plan include preventative and wellness consultations, disease management, care coordination, and team-based care. Patients also have the ability to communicate 24/7 with a physician via email, phone, text, or video chat.

In addition to the monthly flat-rate fee, a DPC Plan offers transparency about the costs of medical care. DPC offers upfront pricing for a variety of screening tests, lab/clinical exams, and medications, so patients are not surprised with unexpected charges down the line. The reduced administrative burdens of DPC transfer directly to the patient -- labs, medications, and imaging are available at wholesale prices.